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About Bishan Tuition Centres

This education portal aims to bring students, parents and educators together in a virtual learning community. As such, our featured centres provide online learning programmes to help students prepare effectively for their major examinations, such PSLE, O Level and A Level.

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Bishan Tuition Centre is the ideal virtual platform for you to get information on all education matters in Singapore. Students can search for primary, secondary or JC tuition classes to sign up for. These lessons include online learning tools to empower students to study effectively. We also publish blog articles that feature useful tips and subject-specific guides.

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Explore the classes conducted by educators to improve your answering skills and be ready for the examinations. This portal features diverse primary, secondary and JC tuition programmes as well as enrichment workshops to match your learning preferences.

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Be informed on the recent education news by browsing our blog articles which are written by experienced educators. We cover a broad range of topics, like study tips and changes to the syllabus for specific subjects and the discussion of examinable topics.

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Raise the productivity of your learning and revision efforts by harnessing the benefits of eLearning. We provide online learning tools, such as real-time video lessons, illustrative virtual whiteboard, note-taking features and a well-structured online practice storage system.

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